Looking For Dissertation Editing Tools Available For Free

If you don’t hire a paper writing service, you’ll have to proofread your paper by yourself. To make this process faster and easier, you can use editing tools online. Some of them will even be available to you for free.

Free Tools to Edit Your Dissertation

  1. Grammarly..
  2. This is a great tool for detecting grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors in your text. Its basic version is available for free. However, if you want to use all the functions of this tool, you’ll have to buy a premium version.

  3. ProWritingAid..
  4. The tool analyzes your text and detects more than just grammar errors. It’ll also show you the issues related to overused words, sentence length, writing style, and so on. This tool has free and premium versions too.

  5. After the Deadline..
  6. According to a reputable dissertation help service, this tool can also be used to detect grammar and spelling errors in your texts. It’ll not only show your mistakes to you but also explain its reasoning. The tool is absolutely free for everyone to use.

  7. Hemingway App..
  8. This tool can help you make the quality of your texts much better. It’ll detect your stylistic mistakes and provide you with advice on how to enhance the problematic sections of your text. If you use the tool online, it won’t cost you any money but you’ll have to pay for a desktop version.


Searching for a Qualified Dissertation Writing Company

Instead of crafting, formatting, and editing your thesis on your own, you can hire a company on the web to do this. There are many agencies that provide services related to academic paper writing. It’s important not to make a deal with an amateur or scam service, however. To determine whether an agency is truly professional and can be trusted, you should follow several tips:

  1. Look at a company’s website..
  2. The website of reliable and competent service should be created by a good web designer. Consequently, it should be pleasant to look at, informative, and easy in operation. The websites of amateurs and fraudsters often look cheap and unfinished.

  3. Look at a company’s customer support..
  4. The best dissertation crafting agency should maintain its support day and night. The members of the support team should respond to the questions of customers quickly and give only clear and polite answers to them.

  5. Look at a company’s staff of writers..
  6. An agency that can be trusted should have only decent writers working for it. Also, it should be able to prove to you that its employees are professionals. An agency that refuses to do this is likely to consist of amateurs.

  7. Look at a company’s guarantees.
  8. Before purchasing a custom dissertation, you should make certain that you’ll get assurances for making a deal with the chosen agency. Without getting guarantees, you might be provided with low-quality services and won’t be able to demand a return of your money.

Now, you know what tools on the Internet can be used for free to help you edit your dissertation. Keep in mind, however, that a real person cannot be replaced by any tools. Revise your text with your own eyes too.

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